At Hope Cafe’ and Catering, we are constantly striving to help people in desperate situations. One way we do this is by living out the principle of esteeming others higher than ourselves. When we do this, not only does it help others, but more importantly, it pleases our Father in Heaven.

The acronym, “H.O.P.E.” is a staple at Hope Cafe’ and Catering. It stands for “Help One Person Everyday.” As a catering company that extends “Hope” to those who have been outcast, outsourced, and the overlooked, our goal is to create an environment that reaches out and helps those in need and encourages our clients to do the same!

In so doing, we have come to realize that there are instances everyday where we all have the opportunity to help one person everyday. If we look close enough, the opportunities are there. The most exciting thing about helping others is that kindness is contagious. It spreads like wildfire. Take for example the large coffee chain whose customers recently “paid it forward” a total of 19,000 times. This means that 19,000 people were granted a blessing and each personally decided to “pay it forward.” Kindness is contagious and is one of the most powerful acts to experience but even more powerful is the effect that is has on the person initiating the act.

We want to encourage you to “H.O.P.E.” In fact, we’d like to influence a community of people like you to “H.O.P.E.” by creating this forum for people to share their stories about helping others.

Think about this: sharing your story of “H.O.P.E.” (A.K.A Help One Person Everyday) could quite possibly encourage a reader to copy your act of kindness. Maybe they never thought about your creative or simple way to help someone else. All it takes is one person to spark the flame that is “H.O.P.E.” Together, we can start a “H.O.P.E.” wildfire that can sweep our community. But it starts with you.

There is always room to “H.O.P.E.” Would you consider our challenge to “Help One Person Everyday?” When you do help someone, can you let us know how you did it by visiting this forum and encouraging others with your story?

Perhaps you recently helped someone in need. Tell us about it in the forum below.